Weather Monitoring System

Weather Monitoring System

Key points

• CAP437 for fixed platforms
• Graphical Data Presentation
• Wind Rose & Charts
• Web Server for browser access
• Statistical data
• SQL database for Data storage
• Third-Party System Outputs

DownloadSMC WMS Datasheet (1 MB)    


The SMC Weather Monitoring Software, WMS, is used in general weather system applications as Vessels, in harbours, Power and Industrial plants, Wind Farms as well as in CAP437 helideck operations onboard fixed offshore platforms.

The processed data is displayed in an easy-to-read graphical interface. The system is accessible locally, over the LAN or over the Internet connecting to the built-in Webserver using a standard web browser. The system is often used onboard and on Fixed offshore platforms.


The SMC Weather Monitoring System has a main graphical interface with both numerical data and user selectable charts as well as log views for historical data analysis. The data is accessed over a standard web browser or in the included client software, over the internet/LAN or locally at site. The data is logged into a SQL database.

Instrument Connection

The system is configured from a graphical interface and can be set up on-site by the user. The software interface allows for a wide range of instruments from a range of suppliers using Serial and UDP data inputs.

Data Export

All logged data can be exported to comma-separated text files. Centralized third party systems can read the data from the SMC system over the SNMP or Modbus TCP/RTU protocols. Relay outputs are also available and these are set up from the software interface to be triggered on various events.

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