SMC OEM Motion Sensor

SMC OEM Motion reference Unit, MRU

Key points

• OEM Motion Reference Unit
• Small footprint
• Hight Performance
• Roll, Pitch and Heave Outputs
• Serial and Ethernet Communication
• 2 Years Warranty

Download IMU-028 Datasheet (394 KB)


SMC OEM Motion Sensor

SMC manufactures OEM Motion Reference Units for integration into marine third-party systems. Compact dimensions, custom designs and low weight make these ideal products to integrate directly inside space restrictive product casings.

With SMC’s MRU firmware installed, Standard and Custom communication protocols mean that SMC’s OEM Motion Sensors can be used in a wide variety of marine applications while providing the accurate motion measurement data in dynamic environments.

The OEM Motion Reference Units are based on SMC’s electronic architecture and use solid state gyros and accelerometers to provide real time motion measurements with accurate dynamic accuracy even during accelerations.

As with every SMC unit we supply, each unit is individually calibrated and tested for roll/pitch and heave as well as all directions of acceleration, inside a calibration machine with a controlled temperature environment.

The SMC MRU is supplied with windows-based software for ease of set up and configuration. The configuration software enables the user to configure the MRU parameters for the installation.


SMC-028 Motion reference Unit Dimensions

Dimensions in mm