Motion Reference Unit – Generation 4

The SMC Motion Reference Units, MRUs, are high-performance motion sensors that measures Roll, Pitch, Heave, Sway, Surge, Accelerations, Angular rates and Velocity for any rig, ship or vessel on which they are mounted.

SMC is a producer of Motion Reference Units, MRU, which commonly are referred to as Marine Motion Sensors and Vertical Reference Units, VRU.

Key Points

• Roll / Pitch & Heave
• Velocities & Accelerations
• Built-In Web Interface
• Serial and Ethernet
• IP66 & IP68 versions
• 2 Years Warranty

Motion Reference Unit product range

Motion Reference Unit SMC-10 SMC-10
Roll and Pitch 0.03°
Heave 5 cm
Motion Reference Unit SMC-00x SMC-00
Roll and Pitch 0.12°
Heave 5 cm
SMC-00 Range Roll/Pitch Heave
SMC-007 0.12° RMS N/A
SMC-008 0.12° RMS 5cm or 5%
SMC-008-30 Subsea 0.12° RMS 5cm or 5%
SMC-10 Range
SMC-106 N/A 5cm or 5%
SMC-107 0.03° RMS N/A
SMC-108 0.03° RMS 5cm or 5%
SMC-108-30 Subsea 0.03° RMS 5cm or 5%

Motion Reference Unit applications

The SMC MRU is manufactured to meet the requirements of the Marine, Offshore Oil & Gas industry and Hydrographic sector.

Our motion sensor is used in applications such as Dynamic Positioning systems DP, Active Heave Compensated winches AHC, Helideck Monitoring System for Offshore vessels and Super Yachts as well as other various Roll, Pitch and Heave motion applications.

The Motion Reference Unit data is suitable for any marine operation that requires attitude determination, motion compensation and provides accurate motion measurements in dynamic environments.

SMC Motion Testing Facilities

Demonstration of the SMC Motion Reference Unit at SMC’s Factory Motion Testing Facilities. On our in-house six degrees of freedom Stewart Platform, the SMC MRU Ranges can be proven with real Marine Motion data simulation making them the ideal units for Offshore Marine applications such as Helideck Monitoring, Active Heave Compensated winches AHC, Dynamic Positioning DP, Hydrographic and all other Marine Motion Monitoring and compensation systems.

Motion Reference Unit – Generation 3

The SMC IMU Motion Sensor Generation 3 has been replaced with the newer SMC Generation 4 motion reference unit and is no longer in production. Our new SMC generation MRU is pin to pin compatible, share output strings and functions with the previous generation. The baseplate footprint for all generation 4 MRUs are shared with the generation 3 IMU-00 series baseplate.

Motion Reference Unit IMU-10x IMU-10x
Roll and Pitch 0.03°
Heave 5 cm
Motion Reference Unit IMU-00x IMU-00x
Roll and Pitch 0.25°
Heave 5 cm
Model Roll/Pitch Heave
IMU-007 0.25° RMS N/A
IMU-008 0.25° RMS 5cm or 5%
IMU-106 N/A 5cm or 5%
IMU-107 0.03° RMS N/A
IMU-108 0.03° RMS 5cm or 5%
IMU-108-30 0.03° RMS 5cm or 5%