HOSY - Helideck Operation System for Yachts

Helideck Monitoring System

Key points

• Touch Screen Panel Display
• Easy to install & simple operation
• Roll, Pitch, Heave
• 10 minute periods
• Wind & speed direction
• MCA Large Yacht Code LY3
• Red Ensign Yacht Code

               DownloadYacht HMS Datasheet (680 KB)



SMC Helideck Operation System for Yachts, HOSY, offers a pre-configured and easy to install system to comply with Large Yachts and other vessels that have a Helideck. Vessels that do not require the full CAP437 HMS system still require a monitoring and display system, in line with the codes such as the MCA Large Yacht Code LY3 and others such as the Red Ensign Yacht Code.
For CAP437 HMS click here

The SMC HOSY is a combination of the SMC VMMS, Vessel Motion Monitoring System and Weather interface on one single SMC-1310 Panel Display. These two software tabs on the user-friendly touch screen panel display provide real-time data from the connected Motion Reference Unit and Weather Station to provide an overview of the Helidecks landing conditions.

Display and Interface

The panel display a high resolution and high brightness 10.1” Linux industrial touch screen panel PC, complemented by brightness control to enhance the viewing experience. Three themes are available classic, oceanic and amber shade, adapting the color themes to different times of the day optimizes user experience. A light theme with bright colors suits daylight, reducing eye strain. In the evening, a dark theme minimizes glare and enhances focus.

Yacht system requirements

For Large Yacht operations details of pitch, roll and heave motions need to be recorded prior to Helicopter operations for a 10 min period as well as weather data Wind Speed, Direction, air temperature and barometric pressure from automatic read instruments. This data needs to be displayed to enable safe operations and recorded. All the mentioned elements are encompassed within the HOSY, ensuring that all necessary yacht requirements are fulfilled through a straightforward installation.

System Layout

The System visualizes the instrument data in an easy-to-read interface. The SMC software can be used as a stand-alone system on a single PC or across a network with the multi-user client, viewed in standard browser.

A standard SMC HOSY system consists of:

  • Panel Display
  • MRU Motion Reference Unit
  • Weather Station for Wind Speed & Direction, Temperature & Humidity and Air Pressure
  • GPS (provided by yacht)
  • Gyro Compass (provided by yacht)

SMC Yacht Helideck Monitoring System VMMS interface
SMC Yacht Helideck Monitoring System Weather interface

Data Log

All data is stored in the 16 GB built-in emmc disk drive, whereas 12 GB is available for several months uninterrupted data logging. The data is time stamped and stored in a SQL database. The data can be viewed using the built-in log view and can be exported to third party systems using a comma separated text file. Logged data can be sent via automatic e-mail at scheduled times.

External systems

The SMC-1310 has built-in functionality to communicate with third-party systems via Modbus RTU/UDP and SNMP protocol. Features also include data transfer to remote SMC systems.

The graphical display and logged data can be accessed remotely over the LAN via a web interface using a standard browser.


System Specification Processor: ARM based processor
Operating System: Linux
Storage: 16 GB (12 GB available for Logging)
Display size: 10.1 inch
Brightness: 800 cd/m2
Aspect Ratio: 16:10
Resolution: 1280x800
Viewing angle: 89 degrees
Touch Type: Capacitive
Mounting: VESA 75x75mm
External Output Serial, Ethernet, SNMP, Modbus TCP/RTU
Security Roles Administrator, Operators, Technicians, Limited
Logging Logging of all interfaced and processed parameters, Usage approx. 2 GB data per month
Built in Backup features
Interface Built-in Serial 4xRS232 or 2xRS422/485
USB Type A for System Expansion
Environmental Operating Temperature Range 0° to +50° Celsius
IP rating IP22
Power requirements 12-36 VDC
Power Consumption 20W
Warranty & Support 2 Years Hardware & Software Warranty
Free Technical remote support

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