SMC-520 Temperature and Humidity Sensor

The SMC SMC-520 is designed for high demanding outdoor applications for temperature and humidity measurement. It delivers a reliable and accurate readings for various meteorology applications.

   SMC-520 Datasheet (1 MB)             SMC-520 User guide (526 KB)


Temperature and Humidity sensor SMC-520

Key features

  • Operational range -40 to +60° Celsius
  • 0.2° Celsius accuracy
  • 1.5% Humidity accuracy
  • Excellent long term stability
  • Serial NMEA Communication
  • 2 years warranty


The SMC-520 uses a high grade PT1000 element for the temperature measurement and a capacitive humidity sensor with excellent long-term drift performance. Data is processed within the instruments internal processor and output over a serial communication port.


The SMC-520 casing is produced out of UV resistant ABS plastic material. The temperature and humidity sensor is delivered with a sintered Teflon filter to protect the sensing elements from water, dust and dirt. The SMC-520 is IP66 rated.


The SMC temperature sensor is factory calibrated for the range -40 to +60 degrees Celsius. The humidity sensor is adjusted for both temperature and humidity level parameters to deliver accurate data. SMC uses a multiple point calibration to cover the specified temperature and humidity range. Offset adjustments to the temperature and humidity measurement can be made onsite using the instrument configuration software.


The SMC-520 have RS232 and RS485 outputs and is transmitting its data in a standard ASCII string. The temperature and humidity string is easily integrated to dataloggers and display software available on the market.


Performance Temperature Accuracy 0.2° Celsius
Temperature Range -40 to +60° Celsius
Temperature Long Term stability <0.1° Celsius per Year
Humidity Accuracy 1.5% in the range 0...90%, 2% in the range 90...100%
Humidity Range 0...100%
Humidity Long Term Stability 0.25% per year typical
Communication Com1: RS232
Com2: RS485

SMC Configuration software included
User selectable Output Protocols
Physical Housing Material UV resistant ABS plastic
Dimensions (H x ØW) 245 x 35mm excl connector
Weight 0.2 kg

Cable connector 8 pins, M12 connector. 3 meter shielded PUR cable included
Environmental Operating Temperature -40° to +60° Celsius
MTBF (computed) 50 000 hours
Electrical Power requirements 12 - 30 VDC; 0.6 W
Complies with the IEC 60945
Warranty & Support 2-year Limited Hardware & Software Warranty
Free Technical & Hardware support