Vessel Motion Monitoring System

Vessel Motion Monitoring System is a PC based visual, recording and analysis system for Vessels and Offshore Rigs.

SMC MMS interfaces data from the Motion Sensor into a multi graphical and numerical visual display to provide real time and recorded data for a vessels motions.

SMC MMS is developed to provide full information concerning the vessels motion data included but not limited to Roll, Pitch, Heave, Inclination, Yaw, Velocities and accelerations and a number of processed data as Significant Heave Rate, averages and maximums. This data is displayed in standard charts and numerically.

Motion Monitoring System

MMS Display

The MMS user interface is designed to be easily read enabling the operator to select the data required for the particular operation or monitoring required.

Remote access via web interface

As part of the installation process of the SMC system software a web server is installed, this enables multiple remote client connections across the local network or Internet, to access the SMC MMS software. The number of simultaneous client users is unlimited and the usage is free of charge.

The client software has the same graphical interface as the main software with the data being presented in real-time.


SMC are specialists at customized monitoring systems for specific client requirements. A standard MMS system can be expanded to an Met-Ocean or HMS system with many additional options.

System Log Recording and Playback

All MMS data is recorded in 24hr log files that are stored and available to playback and analysis locally or from a remote station. Data can be exported to different analysis systems and can be stored for 365 days or unlimited time as a preferences setting limit only on storage availability.

Motion Monitoring System Report

To assist in analysis the SMC MMS system produces Reports for a specific time or date that can be stored or exported with the selected relevant data. This can be created on the vessel or from a shore based operator with the remote client.

Alarm limits

All measurement and calculated parameters has alarm setting options. Alarms are displayed in the screen and are stored in the event log for history

Commissioning, Service Support and Inspection

SMC can provide Commissioning support with our own Engineering team or through online remote support services.

Our online remote support can help to resolve issues without the cost and time delay of vessel service visits.

SMC engineers can carry out or assist in Annual inspections of the system.