SMC-1210 / SMC-1214 Smart Data Logger System

SMC-1210 and SMC-1214 Smart Data Logger System

Key points

• Pre-Installed System
• Built-in Web Server
• Meteorological Weather Station
• Motion Monitoring System
• Flexible Data Conversion Tool
• 30 GB Internal Storage
• Graphical Presentation
• 2 Years Warranty

Download SMC-1210/4 Datasheet (460 KB)


SMC-1210 / SMC-1214 Smart Data Logger System

The SMC Smart Data Logger Systems, SMC-1210 and SMC-1214, are pre-configured Linux programmed devices for the collection, processing, display, and conversion of but not limited to meteorological and motion data from almost any manufacturers equipment.

Ideal for collecting and storing Weather devices and Weather Station data, Land or Offshore based. SMC has made the ease of connection and communication a priority so your system configuration is simple and smooth.

Connect multiple Motion Reference Units for voyage motion data collection and analysis with configurable alarms, warnings and report functions.



The SMC-1210 and SMC-1214 are being used in a range of various applications. Some examples are listed below. The Software application Pre-Installed in the Smart Data Logger is defined prior to delivery.

Meteorological Weather Station

The SMC data logger can accept inputs from almost any manufacturer of meteorological data. This means you are not confined by a single manufacturers supply that locks your data into their ecosystem. The data is stored in the built in solid state memory and accessed using the Weather Monitoring graphical interface.

Motion Monitoring and Data Logging

Pre-programmed SMC Motion Monitoring Linux software is installed in the SMC-1210. This enables the easy set up and configuration in a web-based browser providing a stable and flexible solution to your data collection needs.

Flexible Data Conversion

Many manufacturers send data in proprietary data strings that often link to their own Data Conversion and only theirs. This can lock you into an Eco system that means you can not mix systems and collect specific data from different devices. Within the SMC 1210/4 you can select specific data from different devices and export this via Serial of Ethernet with only the data you require in the format you need.


Data Storage

The 30Gb internal flash drive enables long time stable storage of all interfaced and processed parameters. This enables the device to be left for long term data collection projects.



System Specification Processor: ARM based processor
OS: Linux
Storage: 30GB
External Output SNMP, Voltage-Free Contacts (Optional External Module), Modbus TCP/RTU, Automatic Data transfer to FTP and email
Security Roles Administrator, Operators, Technicians, Limited
Logging Unlimited storage for all interfaced and processed parameters, approx. 10 GB data per year
Built in Backup features
Interface Modules Built-in
SMC-1210 Serial 4xRS232 or 2xRS422/485
SMC-1214 Serial 20xRS232 or 10xRS422/485
1x Ethernet RJ45, 100 MBit
Optional Battery backup Charging
USB Type A for System Expansion
External Module Options
Voltage Free Contact
Analog mA and V inputs
SIM card for 3G/4G
Environmental Operating Temperature Range -20º to +60º Celsius
IP66 with protective inclosure, IP rating IP51 without protecting enclosure
Power requirements 12-36 VDC
Power Consumption 3W to 15W depending of configuration and modules attached
Warranty & Support 2 Years Hardware & Software Warranty
Free Technical remote support

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