SMC-1210/4 Data Logger

The SMC Data Logger System, SMC-1210/4 is a modular cost-effective solution for data logging and processing. Various external connection options are available for Serial RS232/RS422/RS485, Analog inputs mA and Ethernet UDP instruments.

The SMC-1210/4 is used in applications where collection of data from various measurement instruments are required. The data is logged, processed and includes an easy use graphical web user interface for data display and configuration of the system.

   SMC-1210/4 Datasheet (460 KB)

SMC-1210/4 Data Logger

Key features

  • Flexible design
  • Accessible over LAN/WAN as standard
  • Multiple external outputs
  • Unlimited logging
  • Security Roles
  • Graphical display


The data logger is a reliable and cost-effective solution for environmental and meteorological monitoring. The system is modular and can be built to connect with a wide range of external devices with various built-in communication protocols. The SMC-1210/4 has a built in emmc memory for data storage.

Data Log

All data is stored in the 30 GB built-in emmc memory drive. The data is stored time-stamped in a SQL database. The data can be accessed remotely via the web interface and can be exported to third party systems.

Instrument integration

Meteorological instruments from almost any manufacturer can be integrated with the logger to meet client specifications. The SMC datalogger can receive and log data from environmental instruments built-in Serial RS232/RS422/RS485 and Ethernet inputs. With a range of optional external modules Analog inputs as mA and V can be used. Features for data string validations are built into the system.

Each Instrument that is interfaced with the SMC data logger is managed as a unique module that can be added or removed to different applications that can then be selected for a specific user or operational need.

External systems

The SMC-1210/4 has functionality to communicate with third-party systems via Modbus RTU/UDP and SNMP protocol. With the optional external 3G/4G Sim card connection the data can be accessed and transmitted from remote locations without a fixed internet connection.
Features to transfer data to a remote SMC system are available.

User settable alarms are available for all parameters with outputs to email, voltage free connection (optional external module) and system display messages.

Connections for power output to external instruments and charging feature for an external backup battery is available.


The SMC-1210/4 is delivered in an aluminium casing. The typical installation for the data logger is in a protective enclosure together with the optional modules. With a low power consumption battery backup options are available for continuous operations in case of power cuts.


System Specification Processor: ARM based processor
OS: Linux
Storage: 30GB
External Output SNMP, Voltage-Free Contacts (Optional External Module), Modbus TCP/RTU, Automatic Data transfer over Internet to remote locations
Security Roles Administrator, Operators, Technicians, Limited
Logging Unlimited storage for all interfaced and processed parameters, approx. 10 GB data per year
Built in Backup features
Interface Modules Built-in
SMC-1210 Serial 4xRS232 or 2xRS422/485
SMC-1214 Serial 20xRS232 or 10xRS422/485
Battery backup Charging
USB Type A for data export
External Module Options
Voltage Free Contact
Analog mA and V inputs
SIM card for 3G/4G
Environmental Operating Temperature Range -20º to +60º Celsius
IP66 with protective inclosure, IP rating IP51 without protecting enclosure
Power requirements 12-36 VDC
Power Consumption 3W to 15W depending of configuration and modules attached
Support Free Technical remote support