Motion Reference Unit Accessories

SMC supplies a standard set of options for mounting. SMC’s design has enabled the options to be used across the full range of Motion Reference Units.

Wall Mounting Bracket for Motion Reference Units

The Wall Mount Bracket is designed to simplify the marine motion sensor installation procedure and to provide a secure mounting location combined with easy motion sensor alignment.

The base plate adapter which is included in the wall mounting bracket allows 45 degrees of rotational adjustment and has the advantage that the motion sensor can be removed for servicing or recalibration and replaced in exactly the same position.

The base plate adapter can be purchased as a separate item from the wall mounting bracket.

The bracket is universal for the SMC-00 and SMC-10 ranges.

Protective enclosure for the Marine Motion Sensor

SMC recommend that a protective enclosure is being used for the SMC surface Motion Reference Unit, MRU, for offshore installations. The protective enclosure gives extra shelter in the harsh environments faced offshore and the protection prolongs the lifetime of the Marine Motion Sensor.

Stainless Steel Enclosure

The protective enclosure for the SMC Motion Reference Unit is produced in a corrosive resistant Marine Grade AISI 316L Stainless Steel material. The enclosure is delivered including a terminal list, cable glands mounted in a cable entry flange and a mounting bracket with an adapter for the SMC motion sensor range SMC-00 and SMC-10.

The enclosure size is H500 x W400 x D250mm and has an IP66 rating for water and dust and IK10 for impact force. The enclosure has a weight of 17 kg including the mounting bracket and terminal list but excluding the motion sensor weight.

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Protective enclosure

Ex D Hazardous area enclosure

As an option SMC offers the Ex D enclosure solution for the marine motion sensors installation in Hazardous Areas.

The Ex D enclosure is ready fitted with cable glands, terminals list and mounting bracket. The motion is fixed and connected to the terminals in the Ex D enclosure by certified personnel before delivery.

The material used for the Ex D enclosure is corrosion and saltwater resistant aluminium covered with polyurethane paint and IP65 rated.

The dimensions of the Ex D motion sensor enclosure is: L535 x W468 x H257 mm.

Hazardous area enclosure Ex D

Cables, Junction Boxes and Options

SMC offers a standard set of cable extension lengths, Spare Transit cases as well as Analog Output Options for all the MRU ranges.

Cables and Connectors

SMC offers two types of communication cable and connectors, one type for the IP66 and one for the IP68 subsea unit.

Surface IP66 units are supplied with a 19 core shielded TPU (Material Type) cable with a 19 pin Amphenol Lite Connector. Subsea IP68 units are supplied with a 12 core cable with a 12 pin Seacon Micro Wet-Con connector.

The standard-length cable supplied with every motion sensor is a 10m cable. The IP66 motion sensor optional cable lengths are available at 5m, 10m, 20m and 30m and the IP68 motion sensor optional cable lengths are available at 10m and 30m. These options can be ordered as spares or replacement lengths for the standard cable.

Transit case

A protective transit case is included in the delivery of all SMC Motion Reference Units. Due to the sensitive nature of the motion sensor the transit case can be used to give additional protection during transportation for service or other relocation of the motion sensor on board the vessel.

The transit case is waterproof, IP67 rated, resistant to chemicals, humidity and dust.

Analog output

SMC offers the option of an Analog output junction box. The analog output box replaces the included junction box supplied with the marine motion sensor.

There are 4 available analog output signals. The analog output options can be chosen for +/-10 V, 0-20 mA and 4-20 mA. The output selection is available in the motion sensor configuration software. The selections are factory programmed.

The enclosure is available in materials as Glass Reinforced Polyester. The dimensions of the analog output enclosure is: L360 x W160 x H90 mm.