SMC-630 Barometric Pressure Sensor

Barometric pressure sensor SMC-630

Key points

• Dual Pressure Head, SMC-632
• Excellent Long term Stability
• 0.3 hPa Total Accuracy
• Serial NMEA Communication
• 2 Years Warranty

Download SMC-630 Datasheet (1 MB)



The SMC-630 series is a high performance atmospheric barometric pressure device. It is designed for high demanding applications as aviation and professional meteorology, where high reliability and accurate absolute pressure readings is desired. The SMC-630 uses quartz pressure elements which produces high accurate readings with an excellent long-term stability.

Data is processed within the instrument’s internal processor and output over serial RS232 and RS485 communication ports.


The SMC pressure sensor is calibrated for temperature variation which removes the temperature coefficient error in the output. SMC uses a multiple point calibration to cover the specified pressure range.


Performance Total accuracy 0.3 hPa
Range 800-1100 hPa
Long Term stability 0.1 hPa per Year
Communication Com1: RS232
Com2: RS485

SMC Configuration software included
User selectable Output Protocols
Physical Housing Material Hard Anodized Aluminium
Dimensions (W x D x H) 135 x 60 x 83mm excl connector
Weight 1 kg

Pressure fitting: Barbed fitting for 4 mm Inner Diameter hose
Cable connection 7-13mm cable diameter
Electrical connection: Terminal block
Environmental Operating Temperature -40° to +60° Celsius
MTBF (computed) 50 000 hours
Versions SMC-631 Single pressure head version
SMC-632 Dual pressure head version for pressure verification
Electrical Power requirements 12 - 30 VDC; 0.7 W
Standard Complies with the IEC 60945
Warranty & Support 2 Years Hardware & Software Warranty
Free Technical & Hardware support

SMC-660 Static Pressure Port

Static Pressure Port

Key points

• Minimize wind errors
• Barbed fitting, 4mm ID hose
• U-bolt for 50 mm pipe
• Corrosion resistant materials

Download SMC-660 Datasheet (329 KB)



The SMC-660 Static Pressure Port, manufactured by RM Young, is used to minimize the pressure reading errors generated from the wind. It is designed for outdoor installation and is made of corrosion resistant materials.

Using a pressure port in outdoor installation of a barometric pressure sensor will help to minimize the effect from the wind blowing into the pressure sensor transducers which can cause a significant reading error to the actual air pressure. In addition to improve the pressure reading in windy conditions, the static pressure port creates a protection from water and snow to intrude the pressure transducers.

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