SMC Motion Monitoring System

SMC Motion Monitoring System

Key points

• Clear Graphical Display
• User Configurable Charts
• Built-in webserver
• Built-in System Log
• User Configurable Alarm limits


SMC Motion Monitoring System

The SMC Motion Monitoring System (MMS) is a visual, recording and analysis system for Vessels and Offshore Rigs. SMC MMS interfaces data from one or multiple Motion Reference Units. The system processes the data and produce statistical measurements as Significant Heave Rate, averages and maximums which is visualized in a graphical and numerical interface to provide real time and recorded data.

Remote access via web interface

As part of the installation process of the SMC system a web server is installed, this enables multiple remote client connections across the local network or Internet, to access the SMC MMS software.

The client software has the same graphical interface as the main software with the data being presented in real-time.

System Log Recording

All parsed and processed data is recorded into a built in SQL database. The data stored is available for analysis locally or from a remote station using the built-in web browser interface. Data can be exported to third party systems.

Alarm limits

All measurement parameters have user configurable alarm limit settings. Alarms are displayed in the screen and are stored in the event log for history but can also be sent to third party systems with for example a Relay output (optional hardware).