SMC Motion Monitoring System

SMC Motion Monitoring System

Key points

• Clear Graphical Display
• User Configurable Charts
• Built-in webserver
• Hourly and Daily Report Schedules
• User Configurable Alarm limits

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SMC Motion Monitoring System

The SMC Motion Monitoring System, MMS, is an embedded system solution for real time vessel motion monitoring and logging of a vessels motions. The system runs on the SMC-1210 data logger or the SMC-1310 panel display hardware solutions. The SMC MMS provides Visual Displays and Recording of Motion Values from the SMC Motion Reference Sensors for Roll, Pitch, Heave, Accelerations X, Y and Z as well as Velocities and Rates. SMC MMS interfaces data from one or multiple Motion Reference Units.


Recommended Hardware Solutions

Remote access via web interface

The user interface displays are viewed in a web browser from a PC or directly on the built-in screen using the SMC-1310 panel display solution. The built-in webserver in the Data Logger, enables access from multiple other platforms such as PC’s, Macbooks, Tablets and smartphones across the network. The screen arrangement will automatically adjust to the resolution of the device.

The client software has the same graphical interface as the main software with the data being presented in real-time.

System Log Recording

All Motion Reference Unit and software calculated data is stored into the system built-in SQL database. The log data can be accessed and analyzed from the system graphical interface or from any location over the internet by using a standard web browser or included client software. The logged data can also be exported for analysis in third party software.

Alarm limits

All measurement parameters have user configurable alarm limit settings. Alarms are displayed in the screen and are stored in the event log for history but can also be sent to third party systems with for example a Relay output (optional hardware).


Daily Reports can be sent from the software via e-mail or downloaded with selectable data points from offshore or onboard vessels for analysis of the vessel’s performance.

Technical specifications Hardware

Model features SMC-1210 Data Logger SMC-1310 Panel Display
Processor 1.2GHz Quad Core ARM 1.5GHz Quad Core ARM
OS Embedded Linux Embedded Linux
Storage 32GB SSD 16GB SSD
Display No Display 10.1", 1280x800px touch
Power 12-36VDC, 3-5W 12-36VDC, 20W
Environmental Temperature -20 to +50° Celsius 0 to +50° Celsius
IP Rating IP22 IP22
Interface Built-in Serial 4xRS232 or 2xRS422/485
USB Type A for System Expansion
Ethernet 1x RJ45
Support & Warranty 2 Years Hardware & Software Warranty
Free Technical remote support

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