Motion Reference Unit for HMS Helideck Systems

As a requirement in many offshore sectors worldwide a Helideck Monitoring System (HMS) that monitors and presents Motion and Meteorological data in a standard format is essential.

The Motion data is a central and critical part of the HMS system and without reliable and accurate data it is not possible for Helicopter operations to take place on floating platforms.

The SMC IMU-108 Motion Reference unit is the industry standard used by many HMS system manufacturers. The IMU-108 meets all the international standards MRU requirements and is available with a selection of installation options from mounting brackets to Ex enclosures. Accessories

Key points

• Floating Platforms
• Jackup Rigs
• Cruise Ships
• Mega Yachts

The increasing safety regulations being applied to Mega Yachts with Helidecks also requires motion data for safe operations.
The IMU-008 motion reference unit is an ideal choice for this application.

Motion reference unit product range

Motion Reference Unit IMU-10x IMU-10x
Roll and Pitch 0.03°
Heave 5 cm
Motion Reference Unit IMU-00x IMU-00x
Roll and Pitch 0.25°
Heave 5 cm

Model Roll/Pitch - Heave Vessel Helideck Type
IMU-108 0.03° RMS - 5cm or 5% Offshore
IMU-008 0.25° RMS - 5cm or 5% Mega Yacht