Motion Reference Unit for DP Systems

As a standard sensor requirement in a Dynamic Positioning system, motion sensors (MRU’s) are used to provide data to aid the vessels response to such forces as waves, currents and weather factors.

Whether for a DP-0, DP-1, DP-2 or DP-3 system SMC has a specific MRU for price and performance to meet the most demanding system and data requirement within the operating envelope under the specified maximum environmental conditions.

Additionally, with a dual output an IMU-108 can be used in conjunction with a USBL or part of a Helideck Monitoring System linked to the DP system.

Key points

• Roll & Pitch Data
• Heave Data
• DP-0 to DP-3 support
• USBL support
• Ultimate Reliability
• Rugged Construction

Motion Sensor for DP Systems Motion Sensor for DP Systems

Typical DP 2 system with USBL Motion Reference Data Requirement would consist of two IMU-007/IMU-107 Roll & Pitch units and an IMU-108 Roll, Pitch & Heave unit.

SMC has a selection of Accessories to ensure ease of install and protection for the MRU units. All units are supplied with a Junction Box, 10m cable and PSU as standard.

Motion reference unit product range

Motion Reference Unit IMU-10x IMU-10x
Roll and Pitch 0.03°
Heave 5 cm
Motion Reference Unit IMU-00x IMU-00x
Roll and Pitch 0.25°
Heave 5 cm

Model Roll/Pitch Heave Surge/Sway
IMU-007 0.25° RMS N/A N/A
IMU-107 0.03° RMS N/A Yes
IMU-008 0.25° RMS 5cm or 5% N/A
IMU-108 0.03° RMS 5cm or 5% Yes