Motion Sensor for Active Heave Compensation AHC

The Offshore Market has seen an increased need for Offshore Cranes, Winches, Launch and Recovery Systems (LARS) as well as Gangway (walk to work) systems.

The requirement to maintain safe operations in ever more demanding environments, while decreasing operation downtimes requires at the heart of every solution an accurate and dependable MRU Motion Reference Unit.

SMC is working together with multiple AHC system designers for new build and retrofit modular systems that reduce the investment required in new control systems.

Key points

• Offshore Cranes
• Winches
• Gangways

Motion Sensor for Active Heave Compensation AHC Motion Sensor for Active Heave Compensation AHC

SMC, together with Bosch Rexroth Drives, a market leader in Primary Active Heave Compensation, has developed a Unique feedback loop from a Crane/Winch plc system and encoders feeding data directly into the Motion Reference Unit.


This system provides a constant update in the Remote Heave location during Rotation, Extension and Slewing of the Crane/Winch.

Motion Reference Unit product range

Motion Reference Unit SMC-10 SMC-10
Roll and Pitch 0.03°
Heave 5 cm
Motion Reference Unit SMC-00x SMC-00
Roll and Pitch 0.12°
Heave 5 cm

Model Roll/Pitch Heave Operational Systems
SMC-008 0.12° RMS 5cm or 5% Winches, LARS
SMC-108 0.03° RMS 5cm or 5% Cranes, Winches, LARS, Gangways

SMC Motion Sensor selected by ABB for their AHC winch drive that enables the seamless integration of the SMC range of MRU units with the ABB ACS880 drives for new and Retrofit applications. Read more

More information about the ABB AHC solution:

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