HMS Updates 2021

2021 SMC hms on deck mode display

2021 HMS Regulation and Implementation Guidelines

   Standard Helideck Monitoring Systems Rev 9b 2020 11 01

From the 1st April 2021 all vessels with a Helideck Monitoring System, HMS, operating in the UK sector and that do not meet the new UK CAA CAP437 and Helicopter Certification Agency, HCA revision 9b regulation requirements will be restricted to stable deck operations.


HMS 2021 what's new

- Motion Severity Index, MSI
- Wind Severity Index, WSI
- Pre landing and on deck mode displays
- Helideck Status light control system for Repeater lights as per Mode settings
- 3 axis acceleration data from SMC IMU-108 MRU provided at the helideck
- Connection to Internet for external access


Key points

• New HMS standard April 2021
• MSI, Motion Severity Index
• WSI, Wind Severity Index
• Pre landing and on deck displays
• Helideck Status repeater lights

Helideck status light

To meet the new CAP437 revision 9 the software will have to be upgraded to the latest standard including the calculations for the Motion Severity Index and Wind Severity Index which are displayed in two different redesigned helideck display screens in the helideck monitoring system.

The new standard does require the install of HMS repeater lights at the helideck location to avoid loss of helideck operational availability.



Some dispensation on implementation on a case by case basis may be granted based on evidence of plans for helideck lights implementation and a plan for helideck monitoring system approval by HCA is in place.

SMC hms CAP437 rev9 meets all of the new regulatory requirements and existing SMChms customers can upgrade systems to the SMChms rev9 to comply with the new standard

To start the process of upgrading or installing a new SMChms system contact SMC to discuss and plan your requirements and implementation of the new standard.