Technical specifications IMU-106 IMU-107 IMU-108
Roll/Pitch N/A Yes Yes
Accelerations X, Y, Z N/A Yes Yes
Heave Yes N/A Yes
Angle Accuracy static N/A 0.02° RMS 0.02° RMS
Angle Accuracy Dynamic
@ ±5° simultaneous roll and pitch
N/A 0.03° RMS 0.03° RMS
Resolution Angle N/A 0.001° 0.001°
Resolution Heave 0.01m N/A 0.01m
Angle range Roll/Pitch ±30° ±30° ±30°
Heave range ±10m N/A ±10m
Heave Accuracy 5cm or 5% N/A 5cm or 5%
Acceleration accuracy N/A 0.01 m/s² RMS 0.01 m/s² RMS
IMU Configuration Software The IMU is shipped with SMC configuration windows software allowing on site setup
Output Signal Protocol Multiple, user selectable Output Protocols ASCII NMEA and binary
Communications Interface Output RS422 and RS232. Analog with remote converter (optional)
2 x RS232 External inputs, (not available on all models)
Velocity input formats RMC, RMA, VTG, VBV, VHW; Heading input formats HDT, HDG
Dimensions for IMU-10x (W x H) tube Ø89mm, mounting plate Ø134mm, flange Ø110mm x 127mm excl. connector
Weight ~2 kg
Housing Material Titanium
Temperature -20° to +65° Celsius (outside 0° to +55° Celsius, 0.1° angle performance); Storage Temperature -40° to +65° Celsius
Mounting Orientation Vertical or Horizontal mounting (factory set)
Power requirements 12 - 30 VDC; 2 W
MTBF (computed) 50 000 hours
Depth rating IP66 (standard); IP68 30 meter depth rated (optional)
Standard Complies with the IEC 60945
Warranty & Support      
Warranty 2-year Limited Hardware & Software Warranty
Support Free Technical & Hardware support
Bundled Delivery      
Junction Box Multiple Input & Output Connection Case, including 10 m cable